Our Community

The Area

Micco, FL

Barefoot Bay is one of the largest manufactured home developments in the state of Florida. It is located entirely within the unincorporated town of Micco on the Indian River. Communities immediately surrounding Barefoot Bay include Snug Harbor Village, Pelican Bay, and many smaller housing developments. The nearest commercial area is to the south in Sebastian in Indian River County.  

The Neighborhood


We are located just a stone's throw from the Indian River. We are across the street from the public library, just over the railroad tracks and past the Barefoot Bay Fire Department.

The favored method of transportation? Golf carts. Most residents own a golf cart, and proudly ride it (rain or shine) to the golf course, the grocery store, the pizza parlor, the hair salon, and, of course, to church meeting.

A Dunkin' Donuts was just built at the entrance of Barefoot Bay Blvd. Trust us, it's a big addition to our little community!

The People


 As of the 2016 census, the median age of the population of Micco and all its communities (8,377 people) is 66 years of age. Most of the residents are retirees & snowbirds. Both of these facts are well represented in our congregation. 

A large portion of our members are Florida residents, but we have many, many snowbirds as regular attendees. In fact, we have such an inordinate number of Kentuckian snowbirds​ that the rear, western corner of the sanctuary has been unofficially designated ​'the Kentucky section.'