The Lord's Supper


Communion Sundays

We take the Lord's Supper on the first Sunday of the month, directly following the sermon. All are invited to participate, regardless of denomination or affiliation, with the understanding that the relationship between the partaker and God is clear of unrepentant sin.​

If you know Christ as Savior and have been Biblically baptized by immersion, then you have the joy of being His invited guest. As guests around His table, He is the Gracious Host - we look upon Him and are reminded of the price He paid to secure our redemption - the shedding of His blood as He hung upon the cross. We remember with soberness and yet great joy for what it means to be forgiven through Jesus Christ alone.

Scripture warns us regarding the spirit in which we are to take of the Lord's Supper. To listen to Rick's summary of those warnings, click on the play button in the player below.


Communion Summary

November 6, 2016